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OMG! It’s Monday – What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, so according to my book-blogging friends, Monday means it’s ‘What Are You Reading’ day.

So, with that in mind, I shall tell you what book is sitting on my bedside table…

‘Della says: OMG’ by Keris Stainton

Dan finally likes Della. How is that possible? It’s like a dream come true. After years of Della hoping and wishing, Dan actually likes her.

But Newton’s third law is always right  – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Basically what goes up, must come down. The same with Della.

Her Diary is missing!

Normally, if this ever happend to me, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit bothered for I haven’t written the deepest and darkest secrets down in my diary.  Della has. If these secrets were ever revealed to the world, poor Della would probably die…of shame and deepest embarassment.

But when a page of her diary appears on the interent, Della knows someone has taken it and is out there posting to the world. So who has taken Della’s diary, Dan? But he is so sweet why would he ever do that to her. Maddy? Della’s best friend, but she has her own problems to deal with. Or is it Gemima? Dan’s best friend who always seems to be envious of Della.

Whoever it is, Della has to find out quick before the rest of her diary appears and ruins her life.


Absolutely Fantasic – Maybe because I can imagine this happening is why I like it so much. Or maybe it’s because I desperately want to find out who has taken Della’s diary. I just like the whole book. It’s been a good laugh and I’m only on chapter 14. (and counting)

So, as it says on the back,


Then read this.

It’ll make you 😀



Dancing Jax by Robin Jarvis


A book within a book: suspense, horror, gripping and the best can’t-put-downer I’ve read in the last year.

Having said that, maybe you shouldn’t read it…

The book within the book is Dancing Jacks; a book so deadly, you should never go near it. Do not even speak of it. Just stay away. If means be, burn it, throw it in a river, anything but do not, whatever you do, open the pages to read it. Written by Austerly Fellows, a mysterious occultist, he will capture your mind and will force you to become a character in his own world of Moon Caster, just by the words on the pages. It may appear a children’s book but once read, you can never get out…

The story tells the tale of a small coastal town, overtaken by a powerful book that hypnotises everyone who reads its words into characters of the kingdom of Moon Caster. Only the last to get captured by such powerful words have the chance to save the town, and better still the world, but will they survive it ‘till the end?

Suspense was too much to handle to be frank; it really left the reader on the edge with massive cliff hangers at the ends of chapters. Once, I think my mum had to pry the book out of my hands so that she could talk to me without me getting too indulged in the book and not listening.

The main feature of the book is that it all has some sort of link to playing cards; every person who enters this abnormal world would be given a playing card. The lower your number, the lower your rank in this royal of worlds. The Hearts and Diamonds seemed to be the good side to the kingdom and the Clubs and Spades were more evil and wicked. But everyone got their role play in the world of Moon Caster depending on the personality they had in real life. It’s fantastically written and I loved how the playing cards had such a big role in the book. It was fascinating.

At the very beginning of the book, I found it challenging to understand. The setting of Moon Caster was in the ‘olden days’ where they have a slightly different way of speaking. Some words were a bit difficult to understand. Therefore at this point asking parents or someone who has more knowledge of the English language is perfectly OK!

Apart from the confusion with a couple of the words this is a brilliant book and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the modern references, for example; things that have been on TV and the way people speak and jokes made were mostly based on real life modern ways of the world, which, I thought, was amazingly well written into the text. Gave me a chuckle every now at the little details that made is such a brilliant and up-to-date read.

The first couple of chapters although might seem to drag on a tad have some of the key parts for the rest of the story, so it is important to keep reading, otherwise you might not understand and ‘click’ to what is happening later. It soon picks up pace and I found myself unable to put the book down. It was as if a little film was going on in my head and I suddenly found myself experiencing and exploring the words of Robin Jarvis in my head as I were actually there. Fantastic, but scary stuff especially with these sorts of themes.

I’ve never been one for horror, but when I saw this book I desperately wanted to read it. This book has opened my eyes to yet another genre of books, which I’m sure I shall enjoy in the future. However, I must warn you; this is rated 11+. I would maybe rate it a little higher about 12 maybe even 13+ it can get a bit scary at times. Not enough to make you have nightmares but try not to read it last thing before going to sleep…

Although, I appreciate Jarvis is a fantastic writer. I haven’t read anything of his before, but I am sure this will make an everlasting impression.

Brilliant writer, Brilliant book. Go read it now!


Castle of Shadows by Ellen Renner

Ellen Renner’s Castle of Shadows was the first the first book of Charlotte, the forgotten princess’s adventures.

After her mother disappeared when Charlie (Charlotte) was very young, her dad becomes very mentally ill, turning to giant playing cards to deal with the madness. Leaving Charlie to live a life were only a few people know who she is, one of them being the evil housekeeper, Mrs O’Dair, who also looks after Charlie, making her life even more miserable.

One day Charlie discovers a letter seemingly written from her mother to a woman Charlie has never heard if before. A letter that could help her find out about her mother and most importantly, if she is alive.

The story is about Charlie and her friend, Tobias, uncovering the secrets in and outside the castle walls. It is a dangerous mission, but nothing can stop Charlie from revealing the truth.

I am extremely happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Even though I’m not usually the one to pick up a mystery, it has opened my eyes to other books that involve such topics.

I loved the characters especially the idea of forgotten princess that no one knows about. I love how Charlie is so very ‘scruffy’ and not that at all bothered about her manners or how she dresses – Almost the opposite of what you would think a ‘normal’ princess would be like. As long as it’s practical she doesn’t care.

It is has a definite ‘can’t.put.it.down’ ability, as well as mysterious edge to it forcing you to read on and keep wondering what on earth could happen next. A fantastic and enjoyable read, very well worth getting. Excellent piece of work.


The Latest…

…On what I’m doing at the moment. Okay, well this post won’t be on books – Since my header is Blog ‘n’ stuff, I thought I’d do something more along the lines of the ‘stuff.’ So this is what I have been playing/doing basically.

I have decided to go a bit game-y. Which means I am now going to review some games. Now don’t get all blurgh at me, I am not going to be reviewing war or shooting or whatever games, (because I am the type of person to just press any buttons and hope for the best) I am going to tell you today about my most played iPod touch app/games. Although I use facebook and twitter alot on my iPod, they aren’t the most exciting and most played apps I use. (And they would be would be incredibly boring to review) So to start off I shall tell you about Doodlejump.

Dooblejump ~ Not the most appealing name to someone my age, but it is incredibly addictive. The object of the game, by using the alien dude, is to get as high as you can by jumping on certain platforms. You must avoid the monsters, broken platforms, UFO’s and black holes and use the trampoline, spring, rocket, spring shoes and blaster to help you get higher. The higher you go the more points. It’s the first game my friends go on when I let them play on my iPod, which I believe means my friends give it the thumbs up too! My highest score is 35,718 and my friend got 44,350, which I haven’t been able to beat yet. I think the graphics in the game are brilliant and it’s really easy to start playing. I love how the stats show you how many games you’ve played and how long you have spent playing in total. (I have played it 217 times and in total played it for 2 hours 21 minutes 35 seconds) You can connect it to facebook and twitter to upload scores too. It’s a great game for children and adults and will keep you glued to the little alien dude for quite some time.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 ~ This is a must have app when you buy an iPod Touch or iPhone. It is the smaller ‘tap’ version of guitar hero minus the guitar. With really up to date music it is a brilliant game and is an app worth having. It can also conect to the internet to upload scores, but you can chat to other players and even play against players online from across the world. It is extremely fun and never ending. I especially love how there is a two player mode, so you can play against your friend on the same device. Brill game, endless fun!

Pocket Frogs ~ My ultimate favourite game at the moment. It’s an never ending frog breeding game where you can breed different frogs to create a whole new frog then sell them, race them, breed them, gift them and send them to friends. It is very addictive and so much more interesting than it sounds lol. At the moment I have 38 frogs – Which is quite a few. I especially love how you can create really cool frogs. My favourite are the ‘glass’ frogs, which are see through ~ A bit odd yes but awesome. It’s another must have game if you like addictive never ending sort of games. Definitely worth getting.

So there you have it, the latest on almost everything I have been up to. 🙂


Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy

Being one of Cathy Cassidy’s Dream Team, I got Cherry Crush before it’s even out in the shops. I have been reading non-stop and have fallen in love with the book, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The cover looks beautiful and I love the story line.


Cherry feels she is a misfit. She has no friends and lives with her dad and her fish Rover in a flat in Glasgow. Her mum died when she was only four, leaving Cherry with very few memories of her. The only way she seems to cope with life is by telling ‘imaginative stories’ which is basically lying – Which is never a good idea.

Then Cherry’s life changes, forever. Her dad falls in love and they both move to Somerset where a brand new mum and four new sisters await. But then she meets Shay Fletcher, who Cherry instantly falls for. But Shay is Honey’s boyfriend, the eldest of her sisters. If she made the wrong move, it could destroy everything. But does that mean she’ll stay away?

This is a brilliant book. There is no other way to say how much I enjoyed it. Cathy writes, the way every writer should, about something they love – For Cathy, that has to be chocolate!

The story line got you pined ’till the end. The most amazing descriptions, that made your mouth water – apart from the curry truffles…

A must read, one of Cathy’s Best!


247 Tales

So, very short post. I should’ve posted it sooner because the website will probably change by tommorow morning – But I came runner up in a short stories competition and have been published by Bloomsbury on their 247 Tales website! Brilliant huh? Woo Hoo!

Click here to see my entry, 5th down. It’s says Zoe, Age 12 – But I am now 13. Woo for my birthday 😀

Tell me what you think in comments, much appreciated.


A Summer Break Reading Challange…

I noticed this on a friends blog (Love Reading X) and thought I’d have a go at ‘making’ my own virtual book.

What you have to do:

1. Go to ‘Fake Name Generator‘ The name that appears is your author name.

2. Go to ‘Random Word Generator‘ The word listed under ‘Random Verb’ is your title.

3. Go to ‘FlickrCC‘ Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.

4. Use Picnik or something similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in.

5. Write a short synopsis to go along with it.

Here is my ‘book’

(Pictures with help from snazzy computer dad)

Run by Keira B. Barlette

Avalible in Paperback or Hardback…lol

Gunshots pierced through the air. An awful split second of overwhelming shock forced my body to stop. Feeling incapable of movement, of taking another step, I waited. A slow bead of sweat trickled it’s way towards my chin as I collapsed against the wall behind me. I forced myself to stare at the shadows, watching as the body-like shape mirrored my movements by limply falling to the ground. A lump formed in my throat, making it even harder to breath. My brain felt like it was scattered into a millions pieces. What should I do? Where should I go?  I pulled in a gasp of air. I knew one thing. That this was it. I was the only one left and they knew where I was hiding. All I could do was what I do best, what I was known for, the way I escaped out of everything and anything that life threw at me…


What do you think? Would you pick this up and want to read it in real life? Tell me in comments.


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

My first summer read was a book I was extremly looking forward to reading. After reading thousands upon thousands of ‘You have to read this book’ on other Book Blogs I finally headed off to my favourite bookshop and bought my copy of Shiver.

After finishing the last book of the Twilight Saga in Janurary, I thought I would never find a book that would match up to it. But, after a (very) long time, I found Shiver.

Shiver is this amazing love story about Grace and a mysterious, yellow-eyed boy called Sam. It has been six years of watching eachother from a distance, then one hug changes Grace’s life forever. Meanwhile a local boy gets killed by wolves and proves Grace’s theory, revealing the truth behind Sam’s yellow-eyes, forcing Grace to help Sam stay with her through the ‘death’ chilling cold.

It is an amazingly written book by an amazing author and I really enjoyed reading it. It was so sad, lovely but intense and at times got me so emotional, I cried. Which for an author, is an amazing compliment! (I think?!)

So if you are into romance, drama and wolves, then this book is your kind of book. But if you are going to read it have a box of tissues at the ready – you will need them!

Oh and one more thing. Please, please remember ‘Just because a book has the same creature in it, doesn’t necessarily make them similar’ – quoted from a friend on twitter. It’s very important!


Summer is here…

…finally, YEY!

My summer holidays have just started and already I am reading non-stop. Since I have about eight weeks off, I am going to pick eight books to read. It might be tricky but I will try and pick ones that are not as big Host by Stephanie Meyer. (Which, a while ago, I said I would review once I have finished it – I still am not finished!) So I will be reading eight books each week and hopefully you will get a review for each one and by the end of the summer I will have made my own Top Eight Summer Reads.

Right I’m off with my cup of tea to find a comfy seat to start reading!



A bookish meme created by MizB from Should be Reading.

I am supporting this great idea and doing it myself. So here is my teaser of the book I’m re-reading, The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch  (Not his real name!)

“Chapter One and a Half




*An apologia, if you’re wondering, is not a variety of insect. Neither is it a type of tropical disease. It’s an Apology. In other words, its not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Okay I understand that isn’t exactly a teaser, it’s a start of the chapter, but then it is almost a teaser of some sort…

Anyway. This is me re-reading this book, which I read about a year ago and really enjoyed. It’s all about Mystery and Adventure and is one of those books that gets you thinking about it even when you aren’t reading it.

A brilliant one to get if your into that kind of stuff – but be warned, you might need to re-read certain parts to understand, it can get kind of confusing.

A review will be coming soon.

Zoë xoxo