Zoë's Book Blog

Name: Gentle Giantgentle-giant
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Illustrator: Michael Foreman
Published by: Harper Collins
Age Group: 5+

Why I picked to read this book:

Michael Morpurgo is my favorite author ever and my mum had this book for story telling. She gave it to me for Michael to sign when I introduced him at the book festival! I hadn’t read it but soon after the book festival I sat down and decided to read it! It took 5 minutes but I enjoyed every bit!

How did I feel when I read the book?:

The feel of the book – even though it was quite short – was a long lasting happiness, especially at the end. I felt happy and sad at the same time like all different feelings rushed through me in a split second. I was like a fairy tale but more human and real. Which I think is very clever writing.

The main Characters:

Beastman – A sad young man who’s mother died when he was young.
Miranda – A helpful, kind, beautiful, woman who helped beast man.
The Villagers – Nasty people who call beast man names!
Smiling Stranger – A sales man who lie’s to the villagers!

My favorite Character/why/description:

Miranda, for she helps beastman.  She is kind and caring and clever.  She also can understand beastman in their own special way.  She teaches beast new words and looks after him.

Briefly, What the story is about?:

The villagers think beastman is a horrible person and will not dare go near him, until young Miranda falls out of her boat while rowing across the lake.  Beastman saves her and brings her back to life.  But unfortunately the villagers see and ban each of them from seeing each other.  Then something terrible happens and only Beastman has a solution!

A section of the story:

By morning, the storm had passed. The Beastman was still standing there, still hoping to see Miranda’s boat.  But there was no boat.  Instead, in first light of dawn, he saw to his horror that his beautiful lake was no longer silver, but ghastly green all over.

Then from across the lake he heard the sound of wailing.  He soon saw why.  Ballyloch was in ruins.  Every roof of every house and barn had been blown off by the storm, and the straw was strewn about the streets.  The Beastman crouched down and ran his hand through the water.  Slime, green slime.


Characters: 9/10
Set out: 10/10
Illustrations: 9/10
Story line: 10/10
Feel for book: 9/10
Can’tputdownability: 8/10
Imagination-ability: 10/10