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Dear Diary,

I am over the moon at the moment; Cathy Cassidy has picked me, to be one of the Dream Team!

The Dream Team is made up of ten UK big Cathy Cassidy fans. They are like Cathy’s ambassadors that help her spread the word about Cathy. This is what we get:

  • Sneak peeks and inputs on Cathy’s Book covers
  • A behind-the-scenes look into Cathy and her books that no-one else can get
  • A special personal section on Cathy’s website
  • An invitation to an exclusive Dream Team party and most of all advanced copies of her new books!!!!

I am ever so happy and to top it off Puffin sent me ‘Angel Cake’ her new book…that isn’t even out yet. You must check back because I’m sure there’ll be a review on the way!reading_angel-cake

Zoë xoxo