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Book Signing Report by Zoe Bestel – Dream Team member

Date:  Saturday 29th August 2009

Venue:  Lochthorn Library, Dumfries, Scotland

On a very wet Saturday over 50 girls aged from 7-14 gathered in the side room off the main library to listen to Cathy.  Two and a half hours later they left happy and satisfied.  They had been enthralled by tales of her past, her passions and her inspirations.  They heard news of her new series and got answers to each and every one of their questions.  She then sat and signed every book and posed for every photo.

In amongst the readings from her two latest books:  there were cupcakes to eat, friendship bracelets and bookmarks to make, a friendship charter to sign and free mini books to collect.

I thought it was a great turnout and I was really impressed with the questions that were asked, things like:  “How much of your own life do you put in your books?” and “Where does the inspiration come from for the book titles?”

I met and interviewed sisters Piper (11) and Ella (9) they both agreed that this was the best CC book event they had been to as the venue was much more intimate than the usual book festivals or shops they see her at.  They both had fave books:  Piper likes Sundae Girl or Scarlett and Ella likes Daisy Star.  They both really loved the cupcakes.

We all left feeling very tired but very happy and I am looking forward to interviewing Cathy later in the month for my book blog.