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Here’s my latest review:

Name: Seriously Sassyseriously sassy

Author: Maggi Gibson

Illustrator: Hennie Haworth

Published by: Puffin

Why I picked to read this book:

I heard about Maggi’s books through Cathy Cassidy and thought I would give them a try. I really enjoyed the first one and asked if I could introduce her at Wigtown Book festival. Basically, like Magic, I found this book and am loving it to bits!

How did I feel when I read the book:

A weird feeling, like I was meant to read the book! Once I read it, I felt like I wanted to go out and prove to the world that being Eco is the right thing to do. Just like Sassy would do!

The main Characters:

Sassy Wilde – A 13 year old, hot-headed, Eco Mad Girl who would do anything to save dolphins, butterflies and all the endangered creatures on this planet!

Cordelia – Sassy’s mystical, Dolly Goth friend who’s mum is a Witch?!

Taslima – Sassy’s calm, psychology-crazy friend who is always there to help.

Magnus Menzies – The school heartthrob…who weirdly gave Sassy a bite of his chocolate chip muffin…?

Twig – The mysterious boy who likes climbing trees…

My favourite Character/why/description:

Cordelia, because she is funny and cool. She’s always telling Sassy what the future may bring but no one knows if she’s lying or not. I love the way she’s so mystical and a bit crazy but she is a great friend too.

Briefly, what the story is about:

Sassy the Eco princess has a lot of work to do. As well as saving the world she needs her new career to get up and running and right by her side helping her all the way are her best friends Taslima and Cordelia. But first she needs to get around her mum and dad…who are acting ever so strangely lately. But that’s not all, ‘Why oh why did Magnus (the Magnificent) offer her a bite of his muffin in biology?’


Characters: 9/10

Set out: 9/10

Illustrations: 10/10

Story line: 9/10

Feel for book: 10/10

Can’tputdownability: 7/10

Imaganation-abliity: 9/10

Over All: 9/10

Clever, Crazy, Cool…you’ll love it! ‘ said Cathy Cassidy… and I agree!