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In depth reveiw…

Full Name: First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts!

Author: Lari Don

Illustrator: Amanda Sinclair

Published by: Floris Books

Why I picked to read this book: My friend was introducing her at the book festival and I said I’d come along and cheer her on! I then found out that the book was my kind of book to read, from the bit my friend read to me on the school bus! I decided to buy a copy and start reading!

How did I feel when I read the book: I always felt ‘magical’ when I read the book and the feeling you have when you really enjoy it and can’t put it down! I especially felt nervous and scared when it came to the evil bits!

The main Characters:

Helen – The (So called by her new friends) Healers Child

Yan – The brave Centaur

Rona – The young Selkie

Lavender – The small flower fairy

Catesby – The flustered Phoenix

Sapphire – The Fiery, young Dragon

The Book – The book of all answers!

The Master – An evil bull/man who wants the book!

My favourite Character/why/description: Rona, because she is very peaceful and calm and will help people to calm themselves down. She is very kind and loves all her friends dearly. She has a beautiful singing voice and loves to show other people/creatures it!

Briefly, What the story is about: The friends – Yan, Rona, Lavender, Sapphire and Catesby – needed to ask the book of answers a question, but they were only allowed to at the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice! So when they went to have a peek, the book got scared and fled leaving them clues to find it! But the Winter Solstice was drawing near and they still hadn’t found it! Then Yan gets bitten by one of The Master’s henchmen (Who is also trying to get the book!) and has to ask Helen (The Vets daughter) to help him with his wound! Suddenly Helen wants to help them and throws herself into the adventure!


Characters: 9/10

Set out: 10/10

Illustrations: 9/10

Story line: 10/10

Feel for book: 10/10

Can’tputdownability: 9/10

Imaganation-abliity: 9/10

Over All:  9/10