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(Since I have just started the last term of School – I decided to put up a review of a brilliant book based in the weirdest school I have heard of. Read on to find out why…)

Louis Sachar is the best-selling author of ‘Holes’ and has gone on to writing for younger children. I read this book to review for younger readers but ended up really enjoying it and wasn’t ashamed to read it as someone older. It is an extremely clever but weird book and is one of the best laughs I’ve had.

‘Wayside school was built all wrong; the classrooms were meant to be in a row and now are in top of each other…all thirty if them. (The builder says he is very sorry!) Maybe that’s why strange things happen at Wayside School…?’

I swear if you want a funny book to read Sideways Stories form Wayside School is definitely the best book for it. I have just finished reading the next book from the Wayside School series; It’s not as funny as this one – maybe a little weirder though…

So if you enjoy a laugh and you’re OK with weird, (and you don’t mind reading about teachers who turn their students into apples) This is definitely the book for you.

Zoë xoxo