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My first summer read was a book I was extremly looking forward to reading. After reading thousands upon thousands of ‘You have to read this book’ on other Book Blogs I finally headed off to my favourite bookshop and bought my copy of Shiver.

After finishing the last book of the Twilight Saga in Janurary, I thought I would never find a book that would match up to it. But, after a (very) long time, I found Shiver.

Shiver is this amazing love story about Grace and a mysterious, yellow-eyed boy called Sam. It has been six years of watching eachother from a distance, then one hug changes Grace’s life forever. Meanwhile a local boy gets killed by wolves and proves Grace’s theory, revealing the truth behind Sam’s yellow-eyes, forcing Grace to help Sam stay with her through the ‘death’ chilling cold.

It is an amazingly written book by an amazing author and I really enjoyed reading it. It was so sad, lovely but intense and at times got me so emotional, I cried. Which for an author, is an amazing compliment! (I think?!)

So if you are into romance, drama and wolves, then this book is your kind of book. But if you are going to read it have a box of tissues at the ready – you will need them!

Oh and one more thing. Please, please remember ‘Just because a book has the same creature in it, doesn’t necessarily make them similar’ – quoted from a friend on twitter. It’s very important!