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Being one of Cathy Cassidy’s Dream Team, I got Cherry Crush before it’s even out in the shops. I have been reading non-stop and have fallen in love with the book, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The cover looks beautiful and I love the story line.


Cherry feels she is a misfit. She has no friends and lives with her dad and her fish Rover in a flat in Glasgow. Her mum died when she was only four, leaving Cherry with very few memories of her. The only way she seems to cope with life is by telling ‘imaginative stories’ which is basically lying – Which is never a good idea.

Then Cherry’s life changes, forever. Her dad falls in love and they both move to Somerset where a brand new mum and four new sisters await. But then she meets Shay Fletcher, who Cherry instantly falls for. But Shay is Honey’s boyfriend, the eldest of her sisters. If she made the wrong move, it could destroy everything. But does that mean she’ll stay away?

This is a brilliant book. There is no other way to say how much I enjoyed it. Cathy writes, the way every writer should, about something they love – For Cathy, that has to be chocolate!

The story line got you pined ’till the end. The most amazing descriptions, that made your mouth water – apart from the curry truffles…

A must read, one of Cathy’s Best!