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…On what I’m doing at the moment. Okay, well this post won’t be on books – Since my header is Blog ‘n’ stuff, I thought I’d do something more along the lines of the ‘stuff.’ So this is what I have been playing/doing basically.

I have decided to go a bit game-y. Which means I am now going to review some games. Now don’t get all blurgh at me, I am not going to be reviewing war or shooting or whatever games, (because I am the type of person to just press any buttons and hope for the best) I am going to tell you today about my most played iPod touch app/games. Although I use facebook and twitter alot on my iPod, they aren’t the most exciting and most played apps I use. (And they would be would be incredibly boring to review) So to start off I shall tell you about Doodlejump.

Dooblejump ~ Not the most appealing name to someone my age, but it is incredibly addictive. The object of the game, by using the alien dude, is to get as high as you can by jumping on certain platforms. You must avoid the monsters, broken platforms, UFO’s and black holes and use the trampoline, spring, rocket, spring shoes and blaster to help you get higher. The higher you go the more points. It’s the first game my friends go on when I let them play on my iPod, which I believe means my friends give it the thumbs up too! My highest score is 35,718 and my friend got 44,350, which I haven’t been able to beat yet. I think the graphics in the game are brilliant and it’s really easy to start playing. I love how the stats show you how many games you’ve played and how long you have spent playing in total. (I have played it 217 times and in total played it for 2 hours 21 minutes 35 seconds) You can connect it to facebook and twitter to upload scores too. It’s a great game for children and adults and will keep you glued to the little alien dude for quite some time.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 ~ This is a must have app when you buy an iPod Touch or iPhone. It is the smaller ‘tap’ version of guitar hero minus the guitar. With really up to date music it is a brilliant game and is an app worth having. It can also conect to the internet to upload scores, but you can chat to other players and even play against players online from across the world. It is extremely fun and never ending. I especially love how there is a two player mode, so you can play against your friend on the same device. Brill game, endless fun!

Pocket Frogs ~ My ultimate favourite game at the moment. It’s an never ending frog breeding game where you can breed different frogs to create a whole new frog then sell them, race them, breed them, gift them and send them to friends. It is very addictive and so much more interesting than it sounds lol. At the moment I have 38 frogs – Which is quite a few. I especially love how you can create really cool frogs. My favourite are the ‘glass’ frogs, which are see through ~ A bit odd yes but awesome. It’s another must have game if you like addictive never ending sort of games. Definitely worth getting.

So there you have it, the latest on almost everything I have been up to. 🙂