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It’s Monday, so according to my book-blogging friends, Monday means it’s ‘What Are You Reading’ day.

So, with that in mind, I shall tell you what book is sitting on my bedside table…

‘Della says: OMG’ by Keris Stainton

Dan finally likes Della. How is that possible? It’s like a dream come true. After years of Della hoping and wishing, Dan actually likes her.

But Newton’s third law is always right  – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Basically what goes up, must come down. The same with Della.

Her Diary is missing!

Normally, if this ever happend to me, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit bothered for I haven’t written the deepest and darkest secrets down in my diary.  Della has. If these secrets were ever revealed to the world, poor Della would probably die…of shame and deepest embarassment.

But when a page of her diary appears on the interent, Della knows someone has taken it and is out there posting to the world. So who has taken Della’s diary, Dan? But he is so sweet why would he ever do that to her. Maddy? Della’s best friend, but she has her own problems to deal with. Or is it Gemima? Dan’s best friend who always seems to be envious of Della.

Whoever it is, Della has to find out quick before the rest of her diary appears and ruins her life.


Absolutely Fantasic – Maybe because I can imagine this happening is why I like it so much. Or maybe it’s because I desperately want to find out who has taken Della’s diary. I just like the whole book. It’s been a good laugh and I’m only on chapter 14. (and counting)

So, as it says on the back,


Then read this.

It’ll make you 😀