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I am ever so lucky.

The town where I live, Wigtown, is quite small. It’s cute, but small. It’s got one main road with a general store (the Co-Op), a post office, a bank, a library, a couple of pubs and a few more little shops but, what starts to make this town special is the number of bookshops.

There are about twenty bookshops in and around Wigtown. Wow!

And, what makes it even more special is that Wigtown is known as Scotland’s Book Town and we hold a book festival every year. Every year dozens of authors come to give talks about their books. We’ve hosted some great people, you should check it out.

And it gets that little bit better…

There’s a marquee just for the children’s authors and I get to work there every year. This year I’ve been given the job of interviewing the authors after their event. I’m videoing them and I’m going to put them up here for you to see.

Post with the video’s will be up soon, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Zoë x