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I’ve never really done blog hops before, but this seemed like an awesome idea and since I’m totally up for connecting with new blogs, why the heck not, eh?


– The Activity bit –


What were some of your favorite picture books as a kid? If you have kids, what are your favorites to read to them?

Okay. Now I had a few favourites and I still count myself as a kid, so this is still my favourite (…ahem, that’s not sad. It’s cute. Okay? CUTE) Beegu!


The cutest picture book I have ever read. I am forever in love with Beegu, who is basically  a space rabbit. I mean, space rabbit? Who couldn’t love a yellow, long-eared cute as anything space rabbit?!


Here’s a film adaptation of Beegu, which I rather enjoyed:

I read others, for example I enjoyed The Tiger Who Came to Tea (since afternoon tea with a tiger would be, although scary, an amazing experience. Also I like tea, so any excuse to read about it…) I found someone reading the book on Youtube and laughed out loud at a comment underneath that I just have to share.


No wonder he never came back… probably died from over hydration.”

Was also a massive fan of Dr Seuss. I had many of his books and have lots of favourite but the one I can remember enjoying was Fox in Socks just because the tongue twisters are brilliant, plus it’s a red fox in socks.

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This is the bit where I make new friends right?

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