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Righto, so I was tagged by the lovely Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf (haven’t said this to her yet but would definitely be impressed if she did own a mile long bookshelf…), you can check out her post by clicking this fancy button below:




And also Hawwa from It Was Lovely Reading You recently tagged me too, thanks Hawwa!

Anyhoo, the idea is to write 50 facts about yourself. Seems simple, but according to the others that have done this, it’s surprisingly hard. Also, I’m going to do a little bit obscure ones that maybe you didn’t know.

  1. I don’t have a middle name
  2. I wanted to have my middle name as Isabelle, but it rhymes with my last name and would’ve ended in disasterious nicknames.
  3. I have blue eyes.
  4. I have three scars on my tummy, two on my face and one on my leg from scratching chicken pox when I was little
  5. Regarding these chicken pox a doctor, when I was little, thought they were cigarette burns (awkward)
  6. I really like raw spring onion with cheese
  7. On the topic of food I eat a lot of hummus/houmus/humus
  8. Oh, I’m vegetarian
  9. I tried being vegan for a week but missed chocolate, and cheese too much
  10. I’m 5″2 (An inch taller than my mother)
  11. I love Paris….I’ve never been, but I feel drawn to France in general
  12. No. 11 was a lie, I have been to Paris, but I don’t count it (It was Disney Land) however I have been to Ardeche on a school trip. So I have experienced a part of France.
  13. I eat a lot of raw food, like vegetables and fruit
  14. In the past five years I’ve owned seven pairs of Converse
  15. I like Converse All Stars (you don’t say)
  16. Book blogging is my hobby, however I left school to be self employed full time
  17. I’m a singer/songwriter musician (in real life)
  18. I play ukulele
  19. I don’t really like to mix these two lives that much (because I feel like I’m boasting and big headed…even now, I feels bad)
  20. I’ve just finished my debut album and am extremely excited to take over the world with it
  21. I can be slightly vain
  22. Vain, in a jokey way
  23. Although some take it seriously and I feel bad
  24. I once flooded my bedroom by putting my pyjamas in the sink and leaving the tap on
  25. It was an accident and I was three (honest)
  26. Dad had just re-plastered the ceiling below my bedroom when I flooded it (aren’t I an angel)
  27. My favourite colour is red
  28. Red is the colour of my hair at the moment (the dye was called ‘Dark Cherry’ but it’s a subtle, more natural red)
  29. My feet look better in general when I’ve painted my toenails.
  30. When I was little, I thought my knees where ugly until I realised knees aren’t meant to be pretty.
  31. I have six freckles on my hands (including four on my fingers)
  32. I have never, ever broken a bone in my body
  33. I drink a lot of tea.
  34. The tea I drink must be Yorkshire Tea or it tastes funny (to me)
  35. I also really, really like Earl Grey and Lady Grey, although Lady is my favourite
  36. I’m contemplating the idea of getting my nose pierced (not now, in a few years…maybe never)
  37. I adore Terry’s Chocolate Oranges
  38. For Easter my family has an easter tree. Which is basically a pot with some large twigs out the garden decorated with little eggs, bunnies and ducks.
  39. I take my tea weak with milk and one sugar (although trying to cut down on sugar)
  40. I make my own blend (mixing different brands and ingredients) of hot chocolate and it’s lush (if I say so myself)
  41. I like feel good books, but also a bit of adventure and at the moment really loving contemporary, coming of age stuff
  42. I used to want to grow up to become an author and still sometimes write small little parts of random books I have in my head
  43. I have a book/film idea in my head at this very moment called Parallel Lines
  44. I hate it when my nails get longer than 2mm *pet peeve*
  45. I studied piano and oboe up to grade 3 and kind of wish I’d carried on (with piano) :/
  46. I suffer from major wanderlust, when I say suffer, I mean suffer. I want to travel very much XD
  47. Music plays a big part of when I’m reading and different music can make me more emotional over the text
  48. I like hugs and hugging people 😀
  49. I absolutely adore massive woolly jumpers and thick socks *mmmm*
  50. The beach is my favourite place to be

Wow. So 50 eh? That took me a long time. Hope you like them and know me a little better!

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