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In all honesty, do I need to review it? Not really.

We already know John Green is a genius and we already know of the brilliance of David Levithan, need I ramble on about how wonderful their book child is?

I guess, yes. They probably hear them enough, but another compliment towards these fantastic writers won’t hurt.

One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers cross paths. Two teens with the same name who run in two very different circles, suddenly find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, culminating in heroic turns-of-heart and the most epic musical ever to grace the high-school stage.


Here’s the basics to get the jist. 

1. WG,WG is a coming of age novel about two teens, of the male species, who both have the same name.

2. Based in and a tiny bit around Chicago, over, what I’d say, a couple of months (maybe half a year)

3. Both Will Grayson’s are on a journey of self discovery and…well, life really.

4. The book is mostly about the two WG’s but also their mutual friend (in the end) Tiny, who is a BIG character (in both sense of the word – I’m so punny).

5. The whole book is very much based around different modern relationships and making others feel good/appreciated/happy.

Another important point to note is the chapters alternated between Wills,  each writer writing one Will. My instincts tell me that Green wrote slightly happier Will with Levithan writing ‘depressed’ Will. Apart from the natural writing styles between authors, there was a ‘physical’ on the page style difference between Wills. Regular Will (Green) had normal punctuation, just the standard run of the mill book presentation, whereas sadder Wills (Levithan) writing was structured more like a diary, with no capitals or incredibly descriptive language (over what can sometimes feel like unnecessary details); ‘I shrugged, “Whatever” whilst turning to walk away. “Wait a minute”, called Jimmy as he stumbled after me’ it was more straight to the point like ‘me: whatever. i turned away. jimmy: wait a minute’ etc. I liked both styles of writing especially that they were so similar yet so different (physically) from one another that at the start of chapters there wasn’t a need to introduce which Will starred in what chapter, you just knew.

Both Wills were very chatty as if they were speaking to you directly, which is a writing style that I’ve enjoyed from Green in the past. It’s a little more flowing than the regular first person and it makes it more personal, as if the characters are telling you their story as if your face to face. In general, I prefer that style, it helps the reader connect to the characters and plot a lot quicker and easier.

In terms of plot, it was incredibly enjoyable and a brilliant book premise. Loved the idea of two people with the same name unexpectedly meeting each other and just off of that and the sheer weirdness of the meeting situation, it sparking a brilliant and unusual relationship, is just fantastic. I want to pick out certain bits to say what I particularly loved but flicking over it now (annoyingly enough for my growing reputation of loving everything) I loved it all. Was worried at the beginning that it would start dragging but the second that thought crossed my mind something immediately happened that drew you back in. It wasn’t a fast paced, adventure, action or next-second-a-head-will-blow-off read it was slower paced, comfort read that invited you inside it’s pages to be an onlooker of this handful of peoples lives and you were curious to find out more (mostly as they were quite odd). And hey hey! I didn’t guess any plot twists or surprises!

There were points in some chapters where I couldn’t remember which Will had just done what, but I’m putting that down to late night reading and general tiredness. It only took a couple of lines in the morning to remember what was going on, so it wasn’t a major concern to note.

I did cry (big, fat happy tears), but this brilliant comfortable read will not only make you shed a tear but you’ll find yourself laughing audibly and wanting to burst into song.

In the end, it’s all about being appreciated and guess what? I APPRECIATE YOU BOOK, you made me happy and I thank you Mr Levithan and Mr Green.




.P.S Gosh, how I love these minimalist covers!