Zoë's Book Blog

I’m experiencing one of those common bookish problems where I can’t seem to settle on reading one book. I could contradict myself in saying there will, and always will, be a book that I’ve started reading, placed a bookmark in, and begun reading something else. But there’s always one book that takes all your time. Even though you have a large pile of books containing numerous amounts of bookmarks stacked next to you, in my experience, there is always one you reach for first.

Sadly, I am not experiencing that now.

I have at least four books on the go at the moment and am finding it difficult to decide which to read the next chapter of. It’s not that I’m struggling to connect with them, I’m enjoying each one and I’m hooked, which I think is the problem. I want to find out what happens in these books but obviously as I only possess two eyes and not enough focus to concentrate on two plot lines simultaneously (which I’m not sure is possible anyway. Imagine trying to watch two films at the same time on two screens next to each other, my brain would melt) I can’t do it and in a weird twist this is stopping me from reading any of them at all.

It’s a hard life being a book nerd.

What books are on your reading pile? Do you have any fighting over gaining your attention?