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She seems like a good egg.

I was in Waterstones, naturally wanting to buy books. Pristinely white, almost glowing was Sue Perkins Spectacles, beautiful perched on the buy one get one half price table. Upon reading the blurb, which I try not to judge the book on (I do – as I also do the cover, yes, awful), it pleased me greatly that it wasn’t a hyperboled summary of Perkins life. Instead an extract, a mini intro and in no way exaggerated or made to be extra funny. A perfect start to a consistently brilliant book.

Haven’t read many biographies. Actually, thinking about it, I don’t think I’d read any. Not because I don’t like them, I just hadn’t found someone I was interested enough in, or that seemed to have an interesting enough life to read about. Am I shallow and judgemental? Yes, apparently so. Sue me, ‘scuse the pun.

I’d stumbled upon Ms Perkins, pre-my bake off viewing, on the final episode of a show with Liza Tarbuck where they’d road tripped across somewhere hot and smelly. Instantly likeable, I was chuffed to discover both Mel and Sue on bake off, and Tarbuck’s Beeb Radio 2 show. Joyed me even more that they were all actually funny, it wasn’t just a fluke. Spectacles was no exception.

In which only the best comedic writers can, Perkins had me crying multiple times, guffawing out loud then bursting into a fit of laughter, before crying again. It’s incredibly honest, detailed and personal, but not enough that you’re learning irrelevant information or feel as if you’re prying. She doesn’t over-share. Just the right amount of hilarious tangents and asides, as well as the mocking of her own flaws, the go-to for comedians. However these flaws weren’t necessarily funny just painfully true. Something very heart wrenching about it that I felt I connected a lot more with her. She isn’t perfect, as no one is, but I wanted to thank her for showing that.

A very interesting person who has led a interesting life, seems I found my ideal. Written like she’s your intelligent best mate relaying these stories to you in a cosy pub; I now genuinely would like to be her friend. For someone who hasn’t read biographies before, Spectacles has definitely converted me. My only worry is that I may not find another equally fantastic memoir to read. I doubt there’ll be another celebrity one nearly as enjoyable, let alone beautifully written. Highly recommend.

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