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Hype, hype, it’s all about the hype!

Latest trends. What’s in. A mass of people all liking the same particular thing as exactly the same time. Creating a buzz about a product, a person, a thing and hyping it. Now, if you know me, you know I try to not go with the crowd. To be painfully honest, one could even go so […]

I’m back (kind of)!

Hello you lot! It’s been a few years. Honestly didn’t realise how long it’s been and I’m very sorry for abandoning you all (the so many of you, ahem) but the usual school got in the way and recently (in the past two years) I’ve had a bit of a career change. By that I […]

Kindle Review

As a huge bookworm, I’ve wanted to buy myself a Kindle for years, but haven’t really gotten round to saving up enough (buying real books instead of saving, lol). But thanks to Tesco I received the new Kindle 4, free, in the post a couple of weeks ago. First thoughts were how good the packaging […]

Just got a Kindle! Woo Hoo!

This is me with my new Kindle, seconds after taking it out of its box. I’m busy figuring out how it works, but as soon as I do I’ll be posting up a review. I am so very chuffed!       .

Wigtown Book Festival Interviews – 24/9/11

Mum and me manage the Children’s Marquee at The Wigtown Book Festival and, while my Mum’s tidying up between events, I sneak off and interview the authors. This is the first batch, which includes: Debi Gliori, Shoo Rayner, Maria Cairnie and Sarah McIntyre. My first interview was with a Festival regular, the fabulous fiddler Debi […]

Wigtown Book Festival 2011

I am ever so lucky. The town where I live, Wigtown, is quite small. It’s cute, but small. It’s got one main road with a general store (the Co-Op), a post office, a bank, a library, a couple of pubs and a few more little shops but, what starts to make this town special is […]

Marshmallow Skye is Launched

I’m extremely happy to say that Cathy Cassidy’s Marshmallow Skye has now been launched. It’s the second in the Cathy’s Chocolate Box Girls series and if it’s anything like Cherry Crush then I can’t wait to read it. I’ll be reading it very soon and putting a review up here, but if you’ve read it […]

Check Out my Music Blog

As well as my love of books my other main passion is music. I love listening to music, such as Snow Patrol, Coldplay and well, loadsa different stuff, but I also like writing and singing my own songs too. With a little help from my Dad I’ve got a new blog just for my own […]

Marshmallow Skye; Sneak Preview!

BREAKING NEWS! Cathy Cassidy’s new book cover for the next in ‘the Chocolate Box’ series is here: The latest version (on the right)  is the final version of the cover. Marshmallow Skye is out on the 1st of September, but you can be super organised and pre-order it now by clicking here! So what do […]

Stuck for a Book?

Ever finish a book and then can’t decided on what to read next? I certainly do, even when there is a huge pile of books sitting next to me, I don’t seem to be in the mood for any of them… Well, I have your solution. Whenever I need a fresh book to start on, […]