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my reading pile

I’m experiencing one of those common bookish problems where I can’t seem to settle on reading one book. I could contradict myself in saying there will, and always will, be a book that I’ve started reading, placed a bookmark in, and begun reading something else. But there’s always one book that takes all your time. […]

An almost travelling review of Julia Bell’s “Massive”

Been doing a tad bit of travelling recently (thanks to my other life) and aside from discovering new places one of my favourite perks of visiting new areas is stumbling upon the quaintest of shops. Do love myself a brilliant charity shop but the most thrilling yet calming place to find, of course, is a bookshop. […]

{Cover Reveal} Daughters of Lilith: Book 3 // Sacrifice

Bad-ass sword wielding heroine alert! Lovely Jennifer has sent me the first in the Daughters of Lilith series, Thrall, to review so I’m utterly excited to get my teeth into this series. Loving these covers, apparently Quintenz did them herself, how cool?! Sacrifice (Daughters of Lilith: Book 3) by Jennifer Quintenz So this is it, […]

It’s the end of the year and I’m poop at posts

First of all, I have a confession to make. Have come to the conclusion I am not cut out for a post a week, never mind one everyday. The whole idea of ‘book blogging’ is you read, you review, read, review, read, review, jabber on about some book related topic then read and review. However, […]

50 Facts About Me (Tag)

Righto, so I was tagged by the lovely Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf (haven’t said this to her yet but would definitely be impressed if she did own a mile long bookshelf…), you can check out her post by clicking this fancy button below: P.S IT’S AMBER’S BIRTHDAY  TODAY! BIG WOOP TO THAT AWESOMENESS. […]

#FF Feature & Follow Friday #167

I’ve never really done blog hops before, but this seemed like an awesome idea and since I’m totally up for connecting with new blogs, why the heck not, eh? – The Activity bit –   What were some of your favorite picture books as a kid? If you have kids, what are your favorites to […]

I do love getting post…

In today’s mail I received the lovely Ellen Renner’s new book TRIBUTE  due to be out in March of next year (thank you Hot Key Books). Must say I’m rather looking forward to reading as I’ve read a few of Renner’s books before and really enjoyed them. I’m also particular intrigued by a quote on […]

Hype, hype, it’s all about the hype!

Latest trends. What’s in. A mass of people all liking the same particular thing as exactly the same time. Creating a buzz about a product, a person, a thing and hyping it. Now, if you know me, you know I try to not go with the crowd. To be painfully honest, one could even go so […]

I’m back (kind of)!

Hello you lot! It’s been a few years. Honestly didn’t realise how long it’s been and I’m very sorry for abandoning you all (the so many of you, ahem) but the usual school got in the way and recently (in the past two years) I’ve had a bit of a career change. By that I […]