Just got a Kindle! Woo Hoo!

This is me with my new Kindle, seconds after taking it out of its box. I’m busy figuring out how it works, but as soon as I do I’ll be posting up a review. I am so very chuffed!       .

Wigtown Book Festival 2011

I am ever so lucky. The town where I live, Wigtown, is quite small. It’s cute, but small. It’s got one main road with a general store (the Co-Op), a post office, a bank, a library, a couple of pubs and a few more little shops but, what starts to make this town special is […]

Marshmallow Skye is Launched

I’m extremely happy to say that Cathy Cassidy’s Marshmallow Skye has now been launched. It’s the second in the Cathy’s Chocolate Box Girls series and if it’s anything like Cherry Crush then I can’t wait to read it. I’ll be reading it very soon and putting a review up here, but if you’ve read it […]

Check Out my Music Blog

As well as my love of books my other main passion is music. I love listening to music, such as Snow Patrol, Coldplay and well, loadsa different stuff, but I also like writing and singing my own songs too. With a little help from my Dad I’ve got a new blog just for my own […]

OMG! It’s Monday – What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, so according to my book-blogging friends, Monday means it’s ‘What Are You Reading’ day. So, with that in mind, I shall tell you what book is sitting on my bedside table… ‘Della says: OMG’ by Keris Stainton Dan finally likes Della. How is that possible? It’s like a dream come true. After years […]

The Latest…

…On what I’m doing at the moment. Okay, well this post won’t be on books – Since my header is Blog ‘n’ stuff, I thought I’d do something more along the lines of the ‘stuff.’ So this is what I have been playing/doing basically. I have decided to go a bit game-y. Which means I […]

A Summer Break Reading Challange…

I noticed this on a friends blog (Love Reading X) and thought I’d have a go at ‘making’ my own virtual book. What you have to do: 1. Go to ‘Fake Name Generator‘ The name that appears is your author name. 2. Go to ‘Random Word Generator‘ The word listed under ‘Random Verb’ is your […]

Summer is here…

…finally, YEY! My summer holidays have just started and already I am reading non-stop. Since I have about eight weeks off, I am going to pick eight books to read. It might be tricky but I will try and pick ones that are not as big Host by Stephanie Meyer. (Which, a while ago, I […]

The Name of This Book is Secret – Teaser

A bookish meme created by MizB from Should be Reading. I am supporting this great idea and doing it myself. So here is my teaser of the book I’m re-reading, The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch  (Not his real name!) “Chapter One and a Half   Apologia*   *An apologia, if […]

My Best Friend’s Rock…

…Well they do! And if your BFF’s rock as well just enter in the most coolest comp run by Cathy Cassidy for all best friends in the UK and Eire. All you need to do is take just one piece of A4 paper, tell them why your best friend rocks. Using photos, or pictures, or […]