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Lovely explanation of what Stuck for a Book is:

Have you ever been stuck for what to read next?

I’m sure there’s been a point for you, maybe even very recently, that you’ve thought, “I don’t know what book to read next, any recommendations?” 

Stuck for a Book will help with that. It gives you five books that were rated 5/5 or MUST READS even THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ from other bloggers (or even some of my own). A quick post of highly rated reads utterly recommended to read next.

Check out some of my Stuck for a Book posts if you want ideas:

Stuck For A Book? #2 (9/13/2013) - (For more information on Stuck for a Book, click the banner or here) Woop woop! Second installment after a WHOLE YEAR of #StuckForABook! Bringing you the FIVE FABULOUS 5/5 REVIEWS from some absolutely awesome bloggers. First up is a recommendation from the lovely Miss Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf with a review of The Elites [...]
Stuck for a Book? (3/12/2011) - Ever finish a book and then can’t decided on what to read next? I certainly do, even when there is a huge pile of books sitting next to me, I don’t seem to be in the mood for any of them… Well, I have your solution. Whenever I need a fresh book to start on, [...]


Want to feature Stuck for a Book on your blog?

Us bloggers have a long list of books we need to read next, but how about we start a meme post about books that we want to read next? Even I know we live off recommendations so why not collect them?

Calling all 5/5 REVIEWS!

Find five 5/5 or highly complimented blog posts (preferably ask the author of said posts for permission), display the book cover and a brief summary but make sure you link to the review from the blogger! It’s a nice way to find new books to read and also link to fantastic reviews/blogs/friends.

This means you’re making your blogging life easier. Recommending and reviewing books without having to do it all yourself, which come on, it’ll save some time, as well as linking and connecting with other bloggers.

I will try to do my Stuck for a Book post monthly as 5/5’s can be rare but you can just grab the meme banner below and post your own SfaB whenever you like.

Stuck for a Book can just be a one off or repeating post and if you want, a tag. Although that is completely optional.

Top tip: try not to go for a post full of books that are hyped at the moment, mix and match your Stuck for a Book posts, do some oldies, some unusual unheard of books, then some new rated 5/5’s whatever the heck you please! Jazz it up and bit and have fun!

When you’ve done your SfaB post, do come and tell me as I’d love to see what you’ve done and will feature it down the side bar on this page. Email me, tweet me or facebook me.

Copy me for post intro:

Ever find yourself asking the question I don’t know what book to read next, any recommendations? Hosted by Zoë of zoesbookblog, Stuck For A Book is a collection of hugely rated reads from myself and other bloggers that are highly recommended to read next.

Grab the stuck for a book banner meme and sticker:


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*If you’re interested using Stuck for a Book as an ongoing post of your blog but still have questions to ask, email me here